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We began in the Summer of 2002, offering tiered packages of various configurations to target the market that lacked: development. Our history prior to Web hosting was in Web development, although we targetted mainly PHP-based Web sites, our prior hosts gave us a minimal PHP environment with no hopes of capitalizing upon what PHP is best at providing— extensions. It is great the PHP environment was offered, but for XML, we had to implement our pseudo-module; we could not do any strong encryption of the Rijndael family, because they simply did not offer it; we could not unzip files from the PHP script, since there was no support; and of course, we could not even begin to dream of dynamic images, as they forgot the GD library.

Our utter disgust of what the prior hosts gave us fueled our desire to begin a company which not only offered a highly-extended PHP core, but also additional environments for other niches in the development community, chiefly: Java, Perl, Python, SQL derivatives MySQL and PostgreSQL, and Tcl as well as PHP. We have a penchant for dynamic sites and that is the future of the Internet: dynamic, data-driven sites. Why pay an additional $10 ontop of your hosting package to take advantage of the crux of most-all Web sites?

A Web host is not a host without a control panel to simplify the customer's experience. Prior to the apnscp, we used a bland Ensim-based control panel. In plain English: the control panel was not only hideous, but not user-friendly, nor was the layout in any useable form. We took our knowledge of developing dynamic sites in the past to engineer a better control panel, crafted in part from feedback of our customers and on December 26th 2002 - after four weeks of continuous development, our apnscp was born. Naturally, the birthdate of the control panel is not the end of its life-cycle, as we continue to modify and tweak it - as well as add new features - to further assist you with your hosting environment.

One of the more common questions is, "Where did the name 'Apis' come from?".  The truth behind it is about as nerdy as the guys who run it.  The name 'Apis' comes from a character in the Shining Force series, which was a paladin or sorts... with horse legs and a big spear... and well you get the basic idea.  Originally 'Apis Networks' was a generic domain name for the founder, Matt Saladna, to throw up some sources he had written in the past and write a couple tutorials to silence those who had inquiries.

For a while, apisnetworks.com was hosted on a tiny 500 MHz FreeBSD box.  Eventually, thanks in part to AT&T Broadband, port 80/TCP was blocked to halt the spread of the Nimda virus and several months later after the notion port 80/TCP would never be unblocked, the :81 was becoming a nuisance to work with.  So with a bit of research and price analyses, we looked into several colocation providers and made home with EV1. 

In July 2002, Apis Networks' original purpose was consolidated into a hosting company and we took our knowledge and experiences in the past to deliver to you a simple, yet powerful hosting solution.

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