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Introduction Introduction:
Browse the operations currently exposed as of May 29th, 2024.

What's all this gobbledygook mean to you as a customer? It's a broad overview of all operations embedded into the control panel that you can interact with remotely from the convenience of your desktop, local intranet, cell phone, anything that can support the SOAP transport. This feature allows for you to try some of the operations out in a sandboxed environment to discover what data it returns.
Caveats Caveats:
* Be wary of xsd:anyType parameters or xsd:anyType return values. Those are subject to change before the final version of apnscp esprit is released.
* Documentation is subject to a massive clean-up once apnscp esprit nears production status.
* The preferred method of interfacing from a SOAP client right now is non-WSDL mode. Python's SOAPpy extension is known to crash or improperly render data from preliminary testing. You can pass the WSDL off to your application at your own risk.
* The WSDL used in generating the data on this page can be found here.
Explorer Explorer:
SOAP Response :
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