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Configure SpamAssassin
 Service Introduction
   Welcome to the SpamAssassin configuration wizard. The system is designed to generate two files called ".procmailrc" and "user_prefs" for use with procmail and SpamAssassin. SpamAssassin is a tool integrated into all accounts on our servers to help limit, if not completely erradicate, spam that you may receive. Coupled with Razor, a plug-in that checks subjects of e-mails against a database of commonly used spams, the two are designed to simplify your life quite a bit.

We have designed this system for the average user, so if something seems a bit overly complex let us know.

In apnscp esprit, the upcoming apnscp release, a more advanced version will be available embedded within the control panel.
 Installing and Activating the Files
   When inputting the requested data, when you see a link like this, it means there is further help available by moving your mouse cursor over the link. Doing so will pop up a help box over the link.

After the requested information has been supplied in the form below, click "Generate"; this will generate two files, "user_prefs" and ".procmailrc". Copy the files (or save to disk) both of them then login to your FTP account, typically at ftp.yourdomain.com with your username and password. The file ".procmailrc" should be uploaded to /home/yourusername/ and the "user_prefs" file should be uploaded to /home/yourusername/.spamassassin/. If you are unable to see the SpamAssassin directory, then you may need to modify your FTP client to show hidden files.
2007/2/13Added: Maildrop LDA and Maildir format options. 2005/7/6:
Fixed: use_razor is a deprecated option in SpamAssassin 3.x, it's now use_razor2.
Fixed: declaration of recipe when not enabling delivery bias
Fixed: spam deletion if POP3 and delete option selected
Added: SACONFIGSTART/SACONFIGEND to .procmailrc and user_prefs files for future use
2005/6/9: Initial release
 Configuration Wizard
 Step One: Thresholds and Tagging
1) A score of or above constitutes spam.
2) How shall SpamAssassin tag the subject lines of a verified spam?
- Prefix all spams with "[SPAM] (spam score)"
- Prefix all spams with "[SPAM]"
- Perform no modification to the e-mail.
 Step Two: Handling
1) I am using a(n) ______ inbox.
2) Messages are stored in a ________ format.
Maildir (Apis default)
3) Which local delivery agent are you using?
Maildrop (Apis default)
4) Mail is stored under which sub-directory in your home directory? (Mail/ is Apis default for Maildir format, empty otherwise)
5) How would you like to handle delivery of e-mail marked as spam?
- Take no action and deliver it normally.
- Permanently delete the e-mail.
- Move it to the mailbox named "Spam"
- Move it to my defined mailbox of
- Move it to my defined mailbox of
       if the e-mail scores at least , otherwise
       follow the above rule.
 Step Three: Miscellaneous Options
1) Would you like to enable Bayesian filtering?
- Yes
- No
2) Would you like to enable Bayesian auto-learning?
- Yes
- No
3) Automatically learn e-mails as ham if they score below and automatically learn e-mails as spam if they score above .
4) Should Bayesian classifier points be applied to e-mails?
- Yes
- No
5) Activate Bayesian filtering after my database has learned spams and hams.
6) Would you like to safely preview e-mails that are considered spam?
- Yes; message/rfc822
- Yes; text/plain MIME
- No
7) Would you like to enable Razor?
- Yes
- No
 Step Four: Setup and Installation
1) How do you want to handle the generated files?
- Display it in my browser; I will copy the files over.
- Upload it to my account on the FTP server below.
Home Directory:
- FTP Hostname:   
- FTP Username:   
- FTP Password:    
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