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apnscp esprit is our next-generation control panel with one goal in mind, to set the benchmark of other hosting control panels. We love elegant solutions to complex problems and esprit solves the perplexing problem of slow, limited control panels.

cPanel is great... Ensim is (not particularly) great... Plesk is great, but the problem is oversaturation in the hosting market. Walk three blocks down the virtual marketplace and you've got another merchant overselling the same product cashing in on the fundamental assumption that your buying point is price — at the risk of site reliability. Walk another block down and a similar merchant is selling a similar service at an even lower price. Now you're locked between two competing bodies, both selling the same exact same, limited service.

Price wars are like playing chicken with your business. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose... heavily. We avoid that dangerous game by diverting excess income and time back into research and development. With research and development come new and exciting technologies. esprit combines all usable elements developed and researched over the last three years into one exciting control panel.

On occassion we like to share our vision and current state of apnscp esprit with everyone else. Below you will find articles written about esprit. Some are overly technical, some are just for fun.
Date Published Title Read
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September 21st, 2005 apnscp esprit's Design Read This Article
November 5th, 2005 SOAP Read This Article
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