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Six Year Anniversary
Six Year Anniversary
Six Year Anniversary
Six Year Anniversary
Apis began nearly six years ago on a whim with one goal in mind: to provide flexible hosting for developers. Nearly 2,200 days later we are continuing to deliver on our promise of flexibility, but our experience and research have also yielded fantastic results in the reliability department.
  • We re-engineered our servers with reliability in mind and even introduced self-healing checks to critical services
  • We wrote our own control panel to cater to our customers' specific needs
  • We added introspective server metric mining to dynamically readjust resources to meet specific server needs
  • And we are still going strong six years later
Due to unexpected delays our new site is not yet ready for primetime. Please check back in a few days for the revamped design. You may use the current order form to take advantage of our July discounts, but bear in mind some delays may occur as these will be manually processed.
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apnscp Progression
apnscp Status:
- Next Revision: esprit 1.0 RC1
ETA: Q3 2008
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